Sep 25, 2010

New York, New York

We've just got back from a three week work vacation to New York. Shot lot's of concerts, made a reportage about the 9-11 demo that was controversial because of the speech by my 'countryman' Geert Wilders and fell in love with Williamsburg. 
 We had great summer weather (the photo above was shot during a short thunderstorm that even caused a tornado in Brooklyn!) But the city has changed a lot since we've been there a couple of years ago. Forget about the East Village, Chelsea or even Park Slope in Brooklyn. No,the place to be is Williamsburg, north-Brooklyn. Some may say it's already gone and over the top, but it's the last enclave of the alternative, arty and broke in New York. The rest of the city is one big Disneyland for yuppies and wannabees!
The worst was former CBGB's, it's a damn (too expensive) designer, vintage store. Where you pay 80 dollars for a picture disc of Styx (!!!!).
If you want to see some more photo's, check the travelogue (sorry Dutch only).

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