Apr 25, 2012

Back from another USA photo trip

It was cold in otherwise sunny california. It was cold in the deserts of Nevada. We got snowed in at Lake Tahoe and our trip to Kings Canyon was canceled due to a blizzard. Hello? Spring? Where were you?

San Diego, the most southern city of California looked like San Francisco; chilly and foggy. We visited Santa Monica and LA in the same month two years ago and were baked during a heatwave. Now we needed our winter jackets!
Besides the weather and some other minor mis happenings (speedticket) it was a nice trip.

Highlights? The ghost towns of Nevada; we found some unspoiled frontier towns in the middle of Nevada and revisted Bodie once more. Got enough inspiration and material for a follow up of my book 'Desert[ed]'... Nevada is a really beautifull place to visit, allthough it can get lonely sometimes! Didn't see a car for hours on a stretch of highway. And then, the first car we see is a statetrooper. Of course we were speeding on that deserted highway... damn!
We had the biggest fun and some hot days at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly festival. Four days of beautifull people and some of the best music in the world (Duane Eddy, The Ventures, Slacktone, Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Show, Space Kadets, JD McPherson, and many more)! And we drooled at all the magnificent hotrod cars at the carshow. 
As soon as I have some photo's online on arnyzona.com, you'll read it here!
Our travelblog with lot's of photo's can be found here:
http://arnyzona-nevada.blogspot.com (sorry Dutch only, but you can use google translate ;-)

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