Apr 20, 2013

Back from another USA-trip...

Yesterday we got back from another USA-trip. We started with 5 days at the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival. Like last year, it was the early r'n'r highlight of the year. We saw some great shows by Dick Dale, Marky Ramone (?!), Deke Dickerson, Gamblers Mark and almost 100 other bands...

Marky Ramone, Deke Dickerson & Crazy Joe playing a Ramones-set on the worlds biggest rockabilly festival!

After Vegas we flew to New Orleans, to start a photographic odysee for the roots of rock'n'roll, blues & jazz through the deep south of the USA. We cruise though the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas & Florida in a classy convertible over the Blues Highway and ended our rock'n'roll trip on the Gay Pride in Miami Beach (?!!). We have sufferered heath and cold, almost drowned in a thunderstorm and survived a tornado and a heathwave! And we had a great time!
As always we have a travelblog with lot's of photo's. (sorry Dutch only, but you can use the google translate button for a funny translation)  

Viva Las Vegas umbrella vixens

Sun Studio, Memphis

Gay Pride, Miami Beach

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