Oct 18, 2014


Wow, it's been 2 months since my last blogpost! Sorry, but I've been really busy. Unfortunately not with photography and that is one of the reasons of the big silence.
Sadly, my dad past away in august and that put everything life related in perspective. I cut down on stuff that hadn't a big priority and yes photography was one of them. Photography became more and more like real work. And more work means less fun! And I was desperately needing some fun! 
Due to all things happening in our life, we choose not to go on another big fall trip. So no new travel photo opportunities and no need to look for potential customers for this trip.

Suddenly I had a little time to reflect on things and to pick up my guitar(s) again. Oh boy, did I miss that! Last april at the Viva Festival in Las Vegas, I had made plans with two Dutch friends to start a surfband. One of them had allready a rockabilly festival in the making and we promised to stay in touch and do a gig together at the festival. A new version of the Aloha Sluts was born. I don't know if it is version 2.0 of 3.0, but it is the best one yet! Our debut show at the festival was the first time we played together, we never had a rehearsal! Ofcourse it wasn't as tight as most bands and yes a lot of mistakes were made, but never the less, we had a great time and the crowd went wild!
It sure isn't gonna be the last show we do together and we promise a little more time rehearsing next time... 

But now it is time to pick up my camera again and get back to work... eh? back to fun things!

Aloha Sluts live in Middelburg

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