Jun 1, 2015

Time off....

Is my last post really been in october 2014? Damn, time flies when you are having fun! 
Like I mentioned before, I took some time of from photography and focused on playing music. The band (Aloha Sluts) is going really well, but it also was the start for a new look on photography. 

Photo taken with Gorilla-pod and timer during a Aloha Sluts gig
Since it is impossible (really?) to shoot photo's and play guitar at the same time, I handed my camera over to my wife, who's learning to be a photographer herself. But she has no interest in Photoshop or digital processing the photo's, so I needed to start working on a workflow using Photoshop and Lightroom CC. The workflow needed to be time-saving and even inspirational. So I got interested in LR-presets, even writing some myself.

After a while I even found out that it is possible to play a gig and shoot photo's at the same time! Using a small Gorilla-tripod and a timelaps timer!

So what am I gonna do with this blog. I tried doing a more technical blog on my own website, but somehow that's not for me.
Well, just wait and see... maybe I come up with something. For starters I try to update the blog once a month, or sooner if something happens...

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