Nov 4, 2015

The Sonics @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen

Last year a dream came true when one of my all time favorites The Sonics played at the Sjock Festival. The Sonics are one of the godfathers of punk and released a couple of classic garagepunk albums in the 60's.
This year they released a comeback album and it 10 times better than all the neo-garage hypes like Ty Segal and numerous others. This is the real deal. But don't expect Iggy Pop (of the same generation) scenes on stage, these gentlemen are like the granddad you wished you had. Cosy, funny and always in a good mood. No Iggy raunchyness needed here, it is the music that does the talking!
So when I got the chance to see these legends play a second time and this time in a medium size concert hall, I got my tickets before you could shout 'PSYCHO!!!!' (one of their 'hits').
So no Iggy Pop clownesque on stage, just cudly grandpa's. Why bring a camera? Hmmm, how about shooting the atmosphere. The reaction between the musicians and audience is what makes shows like this work in a photo. 
No telelens needed (hate them anyway) and a wide angle is prefered. Only one camera and two lenses needed (X-Pro, 14mm and fisheye). Fine, these fit in my coat, so no camera bag needed either ;-)

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